Danielle Breen is the author and photographer of Mommarino, which she launched in 2015 following the birth of her son, James, who she affectionately calls "Jamesie."  She met her fiancé, also James, in college and their senior year she discovered she was pregnant. After graduating and giving birth, she began writing about the joys and trials of motherhood. Her stories inspire young motherhood and promote her commitment to healthy lifestyle. She lives rural New Jersey about an hour away from New York City.

Mommarino is a resource for people interested in motherhood, young marriage, writing, photography, and modern calligraphy. Danielle shares her personal tales of overcoming struggle and embracing life and love. She also shares her passion for cooking and baking with recipes for busy mommas and tiny humans. Her photography is showcased throughout her blog and her instagram account. She is a member of the Today Show Parenting Team, and is independently working on writing her first fiction novel.

Recently Danielle has taken up modern calligraphy and is available for hire. Please contact her for pricing and further information. She's looking forward to working with you!

All business inquiries can reach Danielle at Dsbreen@gmail.com, through her Facebook or Instagram page, or through the contact page.