Better than Birthdays

I've never been a birthday person, but since I became a mother I have always looked forward to Mother's Day. Today isn't just a time to celebrate motherhood; it's a time to celebrate children and families and togetherness.

Mother's Day isn't a day for me to get my nails done or treat myself to a body massage. It isn't about "taking a break" from the normal routines of caring for a child. It's about being with my son and his father who I am seeing less and less now that he has started a new job in NYC with a brutal commute. It's about being with my own mother.

I don't receive gifts packaged in little black boxes like the one James offered to me on the beach last October, or large black bags inscribed with Saks Fifth Avenue and full of expensive face products or clothing.

But I still feel like a queen.

I wake up with the singing birds outside my window and a heavy lap covered by a sleeping toddler. When Jamesie wakes he'll greet me with his impossibly delicious voice, cooing "mama" and grabbing my face. We will snuggle for a while and I'll kiss his face too many times to count, but before I know it he will be out of bed and on the move.

I'll linger there for a little longer, enjoying the morning light and my book. But I know I'll soon be drawn out by the smell of coffee and the loud pitter-patter, pitter-patter of my son running down the hallway giggling as his father chases him.

It doesn't get much better than this.

After church, we will go to brunch with my whole family and if the weather holds, the three of us might take a little hike. Jamesie will sit safely atop his father's shoulders in the framed toddler pack he loves so much, and I'll be stalking them both with my camera.

At some point I'd like to indulge in a hot bubble bath and a large piece of the avocado brownies I made Friday night (recipe forthcoming!), and I'll definitely call and text the other mothers in my life.

I'm lucky to be with my own mother on this first Sunday in May. I hear all the time how women fear themselves turning into their mothers... for me that's not a bad thing. I want to be just like her.

From the moment I told my mom that I was pregnant, she has done nothing but lift me up and support me. She traveled out to California last week with me just so that I wouldn't have to leave my son or miss my first blogging conference.  Also because, well... Laguna.

Today is better than a birthday.

Not only do I get a chance to celebrate motherhood, I get to celebrate my little family and my fellow mothers that bring my life such joy, each and every day. And that includes all of my Momma readers!

Happy Mother's Day everyone!