Scrumptious Secrets of Vermont

One of my first posts on this blog discussed my memories of skiing the mountains of Vermont as a child, and how excited I am to be creating new memories with my own little family skiing those same mountains. If you missed the post, you can check it out here.

If you check back at that post, you'll read a lot about my memories of winters spent skiing and creating new memories and hold on to the moments I'm living. But you won't read a whole lot about Vermont. I wrote nothing of the beautiful secrets the state holds in its landscapes, covered bridges, and charming country stores with mugs and flannel shirts for sale.

Vermont is a place I am fond of not only for it's reputation as a skier's state, but as an artisan's state.  It's home to some of the largest craft fairs and farmers markets, and it's filled with secret and irreplaceable places.

Whenever we travel up to the snowy state I am always on the look out for some mountain-made goodness. Whether it's the free samples of homemade mozzarella from the indoor farmers market in Rutland or glassblowing at Simon Pearce, I am interested in discovering and learning about the untold secrets of Vermont.

This year I have had the pleasure of getting to know Jessica Spanier, Founder & CEO of Scrumptious Secrets of Vermont, a company that showcases the best artisans and specialty foods that Vermont has to offer. Jessica gave me the privilege of exploring and tasting one of the gift boxes that can be purchased individually for a family member or friend, or in bulk to place in hotel rooms to welcome guests for your wedding.

The box I received was filled with protein packed snacks that are both unique and delicious. As you all know from my Momma Tastings page, I have a deep appreciation for a well-made, nutritious snack. My personal favorites from the box are the Garuka Bars  and the Maple Crème Leaves. James favors the REALsticks snack, and Jamesie happily munched on the Monkey Chew bars - his first choice is the Coconut Monkey Crisp, which I must admit are deadly delicious. The treats in this gift box are a delightful treat and unlike anything I could find in a New Jersey store or put together myself.

The Garuka bars are the perfect pre-workout boost, and they come with a gluten free option. They are sweetened with raw honey and use only real ingredients and no white grains. As I am upping my workout routines preparing for my wedding and various parties, I appreciate the boost the bar gives me when I need it most.

Because I can't help myself, I indulged in the Maple Crème Leaves and it was so worth the cheat. These sweet bites are hand decorated Belgium chocolate leaves filled with a ganache and maple crème liquor blend that melts in your mouth. They look and taste exquisite.

Truthfully, I have never been a fan of jerky, but it is James's snack of choice. With the REALsticks we are both happy because not only do they taste great, but they are healthy too. Gluten free, dairy-free, Paleo and completely natural, these snacks keep you going in the gym and the office.

Jamesie eagerly followed me around the kitchen as I went through the Scrumptious Secrets gift box and was thrilled when I offered him tastes of the Monkey Chew bars. He hastily put away the Coconut Monkey Crisp while watching an episode of Curious George - the irony nearly killed me. These bars are made with almonds, coconut, dark chocolate, and peanut butter. They are a flavorful and natural energizing snack that's made only with real food. I've added these bars to my repertoire of toddler and Momma treats.

The packaging of the gift boxes follows the rustic, mountainous feel of Vermont with various colored tags personalizing your gift. The box also comes with a booklet description of Scrumptious Secrets and information about each Vermont-based product in the box. Scrumptious Secrets will specialize boxes for events and match your wedding color scheme. Each box is handmade with delicate and meticulous care, reflective of the artisans it represents.

The box and other products sold on Scrumptious Secrets of Vermont would make a great gift, care package, or personal treat. I know my mother would love their hand carved serving tools or Fair Trade Maple Coffee, and what better way to welcome you event guests than with some gourmet artisan Vermont food?

Don't miss out on the chance to explore this company that brings a little taste of authentic Vermont right to your door. Follow the link to purchase a unique and memorable gift straight from the mountains of Vermont. Or if you live near Chester, NJ, check out the Scrumptious Secrets stand at the Sunday farmer's market.