Dancing Around It.

When I was three-years old my family moved away from our small house in the noisy suburbs to a bigger home outside of town with more space and less people.  I was sad to leave my tiny bedroom and the familiar face of our neighborhood mailman.  My small, intimate space was comfortable and cozy, and I wasn't sure I wanted that to change.

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The Breakfast Solution - Whole Food Protein Shake

Jamesie is obsessed with the blender.  I make myself a shake for breakfast every morning, and often I do so one-handed because Jamesie simply insists on being part of the action.  He especially likes to put the ingredients in the blender for me, and when it is time to mix everything together he knows the right button to push.  He dances to the sound of it chopping and blending together into one delicious meal.

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Romancing My Brain

In the spirit of February, romance, and chocolate, I thought I would share a little bit about the on-going courtship I have with my creative self.

A few weeks ago I started an online writing course through a collaborative storytelling blog called Coffee & Crumbs.  The women behind C+C share their truths about motherhood, love, and all that exists in-between. 

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