cropped-IMG_2294.jpg I feel like the first post of every blog is a little awkward... or maybe I'm just telling myself that as an excuse for diving right in without making this perfect. Eventually I will figure out how to make my site pretty and presentable, but the truth is that most of my posts will not be perfect, because let's face it - life with a child is simply a little messy (especially when you are in your early twenties, still can't believe you actually had a child, and have close to no idea what you want to do with your life). One of the most difficult things for me to accept when I became a mother was that rarely would things ever be perfect. The stain on that new adorable outfit, the spit-up on my silk blouse, being late almost all of the time, still not fitting into my old jeans...etc they are all imperfections. However, in the grand scheme of things this is not what matters. I have a healthy, beautiful baby boy who has made me a better person - messiness and all.

Although I can't promise perfection, I can promise heart. If one thing is for certain, I want this blog to be an accurate narrative of my not so average college graduate lifestyle. I want to look back on these early years after Jamesie was born and remember the struggles, the achievements and everything in between. In many ways I think this blog will be a catharsis of sorts. It will be a place where I can think and write, an outlet where I can express my creative tendencies. I want to post about all things mommy (which as you may know encompasses just about everything in life). Mostly my posts will focus on being a young mamma in an unknown world of motherhood. I hope you join me on this chapter of life, but most of all I hope you enjoy it!